Tetris kui kommunistlik ajupesu

veebruar 12, 2010

, vahendab kristlik videomängualane häälekandja Christian Gaming Zone.

“Tetris is an action puzzle game where the player rotates falling block shapes to make them fit together in a pile. When a row is filled, it disappears, keeping the height of the pile of blocks from increasing. As the game progresses, it continually speeds up until the player starts making mistakes that allow the blocks to reach the top of the game area, ending the game. Tetris is unwinable, you can only put off your inevitable defeat. This fatalistic aspect of the game should come as no surprise since it was originally created in 1985 in the Soviet Union, where the Atheist government taught everyone that there is nothing but a bleak, pointless existence followed by death with no chance for Salvation. It is claimed that the word “tetris” comes from the game pieces all being made of four blocks. In reality, the game was named in mockery of the Trinity by adding a forth hypostasis, the Communist State, to the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. Because it is simple to program, versions of Tetris can be found on every game, computer, and operating system. There have even been implementations of Tetris done using computer controlled lights in office buildings, turning the lighted windows into the falling blocks. The ubiquity of Tetris is also because it is highly addictive. Its repetitive gameplay and use of a repetitive Russian folk tune causes players to slip into a hypnagogic state, making them receptive to the Communistic themes inherent in the game imagery (everyone is an unindividualistic block that must be made to fit together in Soviet conformity, and sometimes whole lines of people are made to disappear without any explanation). This is intentional, since, like all work done by the Soviet Academy of Science where Tetris was developed, it was part of secret military research, in this case having to do with mind control.

Pihtide vahele võetakse ka sellised saatanast mängud nagu Doom, GTA IV ja paljud teised.

Aleksei Pajitnov ehk Antikristus

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  1. Ma just mängin Rhythm Paradise’t Nintendo DS’il. Huvitav, mida neil selle kohta öelda oleks. Mäng on ikka totaalne madness – absurdne, piire kõigutav, hüpnotiseeriv, tehnokraatlik. Ja veel paradiis! Ameerika versioon saigi rütmitaeva nime 😉

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