Programmeerija raske elu

september 6, 2009

Vanasti peitsid programmeerijad mängu programmeerimiskoodi igasuguseid sõnumeid ning veidruseid (Silent Hill 1 plaadil on mitu absurdset pilti) jne, kuid vähem on leitud varjatud kriitilisi kommentaare mängutegijate aadressil. Üks selline on Famicomi mäng Erika to Satoru no Yumebōken, kus õige kombinatsiooni sisestades saab pärast lõpetust näha ühe vihase programmeerija sõimu.

Inglisekeelne tõlge:

Mmm, that’s a nostalgic song playing. Those were good times. Meanwhile, who the hell are these people with this project? I’m so glad it’s over. You think it’s nothing but good memories? Hell no! Let’s use this space to give out some thanks.

First off, Kaoru Ogura, who ran off with some guy in the middle of the project. Yes, you, you bastard. Don’t show up at the office without showering after having sex 6 times the previous night. Next, Tatsuya Ōhashi. Yes, you, you bastard. Don’t give me your flippant shit — coming in late on the day we ship the ROM like nothing’s amiss. You can give me all the porn you want; I’m not forgetting that one. All that fucking weight you put on. No wonder you paid out 18,000 yen and still got nothing but a kiss out of it. Kenji Takano, Namco debugger. You are a part-timer; don’t dick around with the project planner. And finally, Kiyoharu Gotō, the biggest thorn to my side in this project. Yes, you, you bastard. Once I get a time machine, I’m sending you back to the Edo period. Go do your riddles over there.

Ahh, that’s a load off…wait, no it’s not. Kiyoharu Gotō — yes, you, you bastard. Aaaagh, just disappear already.

Come to think of it, some people were helpful to me, too. Mr. Okada, who took all the good stuff. I know all about your abnormal tendencies. Yamagishi, who swore off soaplands until the project was over. Go ahead, knock yourself out now. Iwata, who joined in midway and gave it all he had. Sorry I yelled at you. Keep hanging in there. Fujimura, Udopyu, you probably had it the worst of all. Thanks. I mean it. Gotō’s the one to hate here. Also, Takayama, Kudō, Suzuki, Makki, Kaneko, Aihara, Sato (the angel of my heart), Iga. Thanks, everyone.

Yoko-G, good work. This game is dedicated to your wife’s birthday.

Youtubes on ka video, sõnum algab 5:20.

Minu arvates pööraselt naljakas. Edo aega, hahaha!

Inglisekeelse tõlke autor ning loo allikas – kliki.

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